How Technology is Changing Your Shapewear Pick

Shapewear used to be a hidden secret in the world of fashion but in recent years it has been transformed. All of this thanks to advancements in technology. In the past, these garments were considered restrictive and uncomfortable but now they blend seamlessly with the modern lifestyle. 

how technology changing your shapewear pick

Nowadays we get the best tummy control shapewear and other shapewear types, using smart fabrics, and advanced design techniques and in general, all of these technological advancements are revolutionizing the industry. They are also offering consumers a new level of confidence, comfort, and support.

shapewear dress with invisible side zipper with strecth mess materials allows you comfort
organza mesh shaping dress
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The Evolution

Shapewear was once made and known to be made using rigid materials and also had quite restrictive designs that only aimed to squeeze the woman's body into their desired shape. 

While they were effective in giving women the sleeker silhouette they were looking for, they sacrificed comfort for mere aesthetics. But in modern days, the preference of consumers towards butt lifter shapewear and other types of shapewear has shifted and now brands offer more comfortable and natural solutions. Now the industry is embracing technology to be able to create these innovative products and deliver them in both function and form. 

The use of smart fabrics

Smart fabrics are one of the most significant advancements used in the manufacture of shapewear. These materials have been engineered to provide targeted support and compression while they are still lightweight and breathable

Very comfortable like corset without discomfort, high waist shapewear
Perfect shilhoute without any visible lines, Feel corset without discomfort
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Some brands are even infusing these fabrics with skin-nourishing ingredients that will help rejuvenate and hydrate the skin when they are worn. Besides, the ones that are moisture-wicking will help the body regulate temperature, ensuring comfort. 

Seamless shapewear

Another innovation in the industry are seamless designs. The old and traditional shapewear featured seams that were visible as well as bulky panels. They were not only viable under clothing but also were uncomfortable. 

Thanks to the advancements in the manufacturing techniques now brands like Shapellx are able to create seamless shapewear that can’t be visible under clothing. People now get to enjoy all the benefits without having to sacrifice comfort or style. 

Compression Technology

This also has played a huge role in how the industry has been reshaped.  Garments with this technology have been designed to target some areas of the body, which allows them to provide contouring and support where it’s needed. 

When the levels of compression are placed strategically, they will sculpt and lift your body without feeling constricting.  It also promotes better muscle recovery and circulation, which makes shapewear not only pleasing but also beneficial for your wellness and overall health.


Now brands are able to customize and personalize the shapewear they offer. Many brands are now using data analytics as well as 3D scanning to create shaping shorts and other garments that are tailored to specific preferences and body shapes.

Now consumers can experience all the benefits of shapewear without compromising the comfort and fit.  There’s also some shapewear, considered smart that has some integrated sensors that can provide feedback on your posture and movements. 

Integrating Wearable Technology

airslim short sleeve zip up jumpsuit from shapellx
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If we want to talk about the next frontier in the shapewear industry, it is for integrating shapewear with wearable technology.  Many companies are exploring the possibility of incorporation sensors or use smart fabrics to create shapewear that are intelligent that monitor your health while shaping your body and enhancing your performance. There are many garments that can monitor the heart rate or track your activity, which provides insights on your cardiovascular health. Some other provide gentle reminders that you need to maintain a proper posture. 

The Future

The future of shapewear is promising as technology keeps evolving. More and more possibilities for creativity and innovation are being opened thanks to advancements in biometrics, robotics and material science. The potential application of technology in shapewear is honestly limitless. 
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  • Lala
    Lala 18 Mei 2024 pukul 19.03

    Seiring dengan kemajuan teknologi, dalam hal Shapewear pun pastinya mengalami kemajuan dan evolusi yang lebih uniq serta inovatif. Demi kenyamanan pengguna serta memiliki banyak fungsi yang lebih baik. Membentuk tubuh secara maksimal, sehingga bisa menggunakan pakaian lebih terlihat elegan dan anggun. Material yang digunakan pun sangat berkualitas.

  • Akarui Cha
    Akarui Cha 18 Mei 2024 pukul 20.29

    Setiap perempuan memang dianugerahi bentuk tubuh yang berbeda-beda sehingga membutuhkan perlakuan yang berbeda pula, semisal tengah butuh memiliki outfit shapewear untuk dikenakan di keseharian. Kalau sudah berbasis teknologi begini, produknya jadi makin personal bagi setiap penggunanya ya.

  • Endah Kurnia Wirawati
    Endah Kurnia Wirawati 20 Mei 2024 pukul 05.32

    Shapewear jaman sekarang tuh keren-keren dan terbuat dari bahan berkualitas tinggi. Apalagi dengan tambahan teknologi dan smart fabric, semakin bagus banget deh kualitasnya.

    Kalau pakai shapewear yang sesuai dengan bentuk tubuh kita, meski tidak terlihat dari luar pun bisa membuat kita lebih percaya diri ya.

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